Join The Movement


This is your chance to truly make a difference while gaining essential employment skills and making key contacts through Africa voluntary work. This is not simply a job training program. AVC volunteers are leaders committed to identifying challenges in their communities and want to work hard to fix them. You’ll likely have ideas and solutions of your own to these problems, and are looking for the tools, skills and contacts to tackle Africa’s most pressing issues. Most importantly, you are dedicated to a bigger vision for the development of Africa.

AVC does not discriminate on the basis of academic or professional background. We accept applications from candidates in a wide variety of fields because we seek individuals who match the varying and specific needs of local initiatives. Valuable backgrounds include (but are not limited to):

  • Community development
  • Economics/economic development
  • Journalism
  • Education
  • Accounting/finance
  • Marketing
  • Communications
  • Public health

We are looking for candidates who can make a convincing argument about the contributions they can make and whose skills, interests and goals match the needs of NGOs who apply to work with us.

Since acceptance into the program is contingent on a match with a local NGO, if you are not accepted it may simply mean that there is not a proper match this year. If you still meet the application requirements at the time of next year’s application cycle, we encourage you to apply again. AVC is a very competitive program so there will be a large number of qualified individuals who do not make it into the program.


  • At least a diploma by the start date of orientation
  • Most qualified applicants will have: strong scores, demonstrable management, employment or leadership experience/skills, strong communications skills and demonstrable problem-solving abilities, creativity, motivation, dedication and a strong desire to use education and sills to help Africa
  • Proof of citizenship of an African country
  • Have completed a diploma or degree within one year of applying (ie: you have not been out of school for more than one year)
  • Willingness to make a full-time commitment for 14 months

If you would like to join our talented and dedicated team of volunteers please fill out a volunteer application.


This is your opportunity to bolster your workforce with qualified local African volunteers who understand the local language and cultural intricacies. They are driven and passionate about the very issues that your organization seeks to resolve. They are eager to jump in and gain valuable work experience while working to achieve your NGO’s mission and they have the skills that most foreign or international volunteers don’t have.


AVC works with locally-initiated development projects. This means that the organization was founded by locals and is registered in Tanzania at the national, regional or district level and not as an international organization opening a branch in Tanzania.

Why do we work only with local organizations?

We recognize that there are many organizations – both locally and internationally – that are doing good work in Tanzania by making an impact and improving lives. We also believe, however, that the most sustainable kind of development is grassroots, and comes from local people themselves.

AVC is designed to strengthen local efforts to improve their corner of the world, according to their own definitions of challenges, progress and development. We also recognize that organizations that were founded outside of Africa or by people from outside of Africa likely have access to resources that are largely unavailable to local organizations. We want to ensure that local development efforts are just as strong and effective as those that have ties to wealthier parts of the world.

We believe that Africa holds all the answers to its own future and that those answers come from Africa’s people. Grassroots organizations are on the front lines of development and AVC wants to strengthen and harness the energy of Africa’s developing leaders. If you are a qualified NGO and would like to work with AVC, please fill out an application.