AVC relies on the generous donations of people and organizations like yours who are invested in helping support our work and the work of African NGOs and volunteers committed to Africa’s future.

Africans don’t need handouts or ‘saving’, which is why every dollar and resource you donate to AVC is maximized to help people who are passionate about making the world a better place and already doing something about it. This is how we can use our resources to do the most good – by finding and supporting Africans who are doing good in their community and making their work more effective.

A few ways your donations help support AVC:

  • $3 pays for a day of work for a volunteer
  • $40 covers the cost of one volunteer for one day
  • $100 provides a monthly stipend for a volunteer
  • $500 covers the cost of training for one volunteer for the year
  • $1,200 covers the stipend for one volunteer for one year
  • $3,000 covers training for all volunteers for the year

This money also:

  • Allows AVC staff to visit NGOs for support and due diligence
  • Provides cameras for the volunteers so they can document their story and share it with the rest of Africa and the world
  • Enables professors, experts, and inspiring speakers to provide the best training to the volunteers and allow them to be true leaders

Please help support AVC’s work and impact by donating.

Make your donation even more effective by signing up as a Sustaining Supporter and having the same amount charged to your credit card every month.

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