How It Works

Africa Volunteer Corps (AVC) is building leadership for homegrown development by:

Giving future local leaders opportunities for growth and experience

AVC assembles driven, motivated and enthusiastic African Volunteers who are eager to improve their community and gain work experience volunteering their time with local organizations. Each Volunteer commits to the program for 6-months to one-year. This includes 3-weeks of intensive training at the start of their service, in addition to monthly discussions where Volunteers hash out challenges to maximize their impact on the organizations and people they are serving.

Increasing the impact of local organizations

AVC provides a qualified, consistent and culturally-fluent workforce to local organizations which allows them to have a more widespread and meaningful impact. The organizations get the benefit of a passionate, capable, full-time Volunteer committed to helping them further their mission.

Strengthening and empowering African leaders dedicated to change

AVC unites both groups so that, together, they can have the greatest possible impact within the communities they are seeking to change, today and in the future. After their service period is completed, there is an active alumni network and the possibility of other resources such as fellowships and/or networking, research and funding opportunities.