Making my dreams a reality

Rasheed Makamba was one of the first AVC volunteers and has extended an additional year. He teaches computers at Salama Center, a community center for orphans and vulnerable children in Moshi.

Rasheed with some of the students and staff of Salama Center

Rasheed with some of the students and staff of Salama Center

Before joining AVC I was involved in various activities, some voluntary work and a few paying jobs. I got a diploma in Information Technology, which helped me to make a living. When I heard of AVC I was very excited and I wanted to join because in the past I had been involved with various groups that had not been successful, which had kept me from fulfilling my goals of helping the community.

I have always wanted to teach IT to young people in my community because it’s important that they have this education. Computer knowledge is becoming more essential every day and if more young people have this knowledge it will help Tanzania compete with other countries in the future. I love my country and I want to see it develop.

I used to have a dream to establish a school for developing the talents of vulnerable children. It pains my heart when I see children walking around in the streets, doing nothing when I know they have talents that are not being put to use. The moment I joined AVC my dreams turned into a vision with well-stated objectives. I am not even thinking about looking for other employment later on. I am just enjoying working with the community and I know that as soon as I finish with AVC I will be equipped to immediately start pursuing my goals.

Rasheed teaching computers

Rasheed in the classroom

There are many ways that Africa Volunteer Corps is helping me meet my goals. First, I am learning teaching methods. Second, through working at a local center, I have gotten a platform to provide the education I always dreamed of providing. Third, getting a stipend means that all my needs are met and I can focus on doing good work in the community. Fourth, the workshops AVC provides give me the skills and knowledge I need in order to reach my goals.

Since I have joined AVC, I have gained a lot. For example, I am now confident that I know how to run my own project. I have made many new friends, foreigners and Tanzanians. I have increased my skills with computers. I have gained a good reputation within my community and from the students I train, more than I even expected. People have started trusting and respecting me to the point that they are involving me in important meetings. For example, the ward Executive Officer invited me to attend a meeting about youth development in the area.

When I joined AVC I didn’t expect to have the opportunity to learn all the things that I have. I thought I would just put my skills to use to train people at my placement. But AVC has given me even more that I use in my work every day, that helps me improve myself, and that will help me in my life, right now and in the future. And I am confident that I will learn still more during the time I have left with AVC.