Achieving My Goals

Lilian Mtui is a current volunteer with AVC. She works at Comfort Women’s Center, a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting local women and children. 

Lilian teaching preschool at Comfort Women's Center

My name is Lilian James Mtui. I am Tanzanian and I graduated from Moshi University College of Cooperative and Business Studies in July, 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts in Community Economic Development. I am currently a volunteer with Africa Volunteer Corps (AVC).

I learned about AVC after I graduated from university. I was given a brochure by the Director of Kilimanjaro Children Empowering Foundation (KICEF), a nonprofit organization that works with AVC. When I read AVC’s mission, vision and objectives I became very interested in volunteering. I decided to apply because I realized that AVC could help me develop my professional capacity and fulfill my career goals. After submitting my application, I was interviewed and selected to be a volunteer in the year 2013.

I was assigned to work with Comfort Women’s Center in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania. Volunteering is of great importance to me because it has offered me so many opportunities I would not have otherwise had. I have increased my knowledge and skills on how to work with people of diverse backgrounds living in my community. I have also gained hands on experience in childcare and early childhood development. Furthermore, I now have a network of people in my community who will help me reach my goals. Lastly, I am so glad that I was able to give my time to a nonprofit organization. Comfort Women’s Center is doing great work and I am glad I could be a part of their mission.

Lilian plays with her students on the swing set during recess

I have enjoyed my time as a volunteer, but I have also faced some challenges. The most challenging issue is that I have worked with people who do not recognize the importance of volunteering and what it can do for a community. As a result, they do not always offer encouragement and support for volunteers like myself. I always take the time to explain what volunteering is all about and why it is important to me. I hope that people will change their perceptions and discover the importance of volunteering.

I want to thank Africa Volunteer Corps (AVC) for the work they do for individuals as well as NGOs. I appreciate their support and I hope that they will be able to offer this opportunity to more people all over Africa. I also hope that more NGOs see the positive work that volunteers can do and invite more people to participate. I advise my fellow college graduates to join the movement and volunteer wherever they are because volunteering will give them new and exciting opportunities and will benefit their communities.