Educating Youth & Helping My Community

My name is Saad Jihad Urassa. After completing my secondary education, I went to school for early childhood education training, which I used to become employed as a nursery school teacher. I also started attending computer classes while I was working as a teacher. I then became a computer instructor.

By this time in my life, I had two major goals. The first was to study early childhood education further and the second to get a degree in Information Communication Technology. My mission is to bring education in Information Communication Technology to local youth.

One day, I was with a friend from New Zealand and she explained why she volunteers and she explained what it does for her own country. As she was explaining this to me, I became interested in volunteering. She helped me search online for volunteer organizations in the area and we found Africa Volunteer Corps. I liked AVC and I decided to apply on the spot. I was selected to join Africa Volunteer Corps and was placed to work with a local organization in Moshi, Umoja Wa Wanawake Waathirika na Yatima Kilimanjaro (UWAWAYAKI).

At UWAWAYAKI, I provide education, guidance, and counseling to children and families through home visits and classroom activities.

Saad with his students at UWAWAYAKI

I work with HIV positive individuals and people with diabetes. I work in the community to make sure they are doing well. Sometimes, I advise them to visit the clinic for medical attention. For the elderly, we do home visits to make sure they are healthy. We also ensure that the people with HIV/AIDS who take antiretroviral medications have enough food.

This is my second year as a volunteer with AVC. This year, I have introduced a poultry-rearing project. The goal of the project is to raise funds for teachers’ salaries because paying teachers has been a struggle at the center. The project has been very successful. We have raised more than 800 chickens to sell locally, bringing in revenue for UWAWAYAKI.

At this point, I have learned about many problems facing my community. I have seen and experienced so much in just one neighborhood in Moshi. I have learned how to work with people of different backgrounds, age, and gender.

Personally, I am so grateful to Africa Volunteer Corps for equipping me with knowledge through my volunteer experience and the workshops we have had. These workshops have enabled me to do my work more efficiently. I am dedicated to work for my community and AVC has prepared me to do this.