Celebrating Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela fought for freedom and equality in South Africa and although he passed away, he is remembered across the globe for his efforts to make the world a better place. The 2013 Class of AVC Volunteers used their last group discussion to reflect on the life and work of Mandela. Here are a few excerpts from their remembrances:


 “I am a teacher and Mandela inspires me to have confidence and to love all people equally. He once said that education is the most powerful weapon that we have to change the world. This statement inspires me as a teacher because I know can use my education and my position as a teacher to change the world.” – Gema Shirima



“Mandela fought against discrimination and risked his life so that other people could gain their freedom. As a volunteer, Mandela has taught me that even as just one individual I can do something that will change the lives of others. Every person can be a great and unique leader.” -Nuru Wilfred



“I learned from Mandela to never to give up. I learned that as an individual, one must learn to forgive and be humble. Mandela was a brave person and after all the things he went through, he was able to forgive everything that was done to him and his people. He told the people to forgive and to unite to become one South Africa.” -Rasheed Makamba



“Mandela leaves us a legacy that we will honor forever. We should always remember that he was a courageous leader who fought for freedom and justice. He is a role model all African leaders can follow.” -Lillian Mtui