Congratulations to the 2013 & 2014 Volunteers!

Last Friday, we held a ceremony at Africa Volunteer Corps to honor the 2013 Class of Volunteers. Each Volunteer was presented with a Certificate of Achievement for the successful completion of their service. They dedicated the last year (and in some cases the last two years) to making a real impact in their communities.  All of the 2013 volunteers have secured employment and are passionately pursuing their goals (more updates about that soon).

2013 & 2014 Volunteers gather after the ceremony with Directors Jafari Msaki & Caitlin Kelley

During the ceremony, the 2013 Volunteers shared their accomplishments and offered words of advice and encouragement to the 2014 Class of Volunteers, welcoming them into the AVC community.

We are so proud of the Volunteers and cannot wait to watch the 2014 Volunteers get started making a difference.