Celebrating Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month. At their group discussion, the AVC Volunteers and staff reflected on Women’s Day and Women’s History Month. Here’s what they had to say. 

“Women have a lot of capabilities. They are the backbone of this economy. If her husband is working, you may find that a woman is uneducated and unemployed, but she is still the backbone of the family and the home. Even if she is not providing money, she is providing labor and ideas. She uses her mind, her body, her energy to make sure her family lives in a good way. Women have intrinsic motivations. A woman might not have support and forces behind her to pursue more. We need to let men know about women’s capabilities. We should insist on their support. Women’s capabilities shouldn’t be left over. They should be used to improve society.” -Dinah Mohonge

“Women’s Day is important because women from different backgrounds can exchange ideas.” –Jackline Ngowi 

“Women, especially in less developed countries, should be taken into consideration. In Kilimanjaro region, there is coffee and banana cultivation. Women take the time to cultivate the crops, but when it comes to selling, men are the owners of the crops and in the end the men benefit from the efforts of women. This undermining of women should end. There should be equal opportunity for women as for men, politically, economically, and socially.” -Philemon Alexander

“If you have an idea to do anything, like start a vegetable business for example, you must have confidence. If you have confidence, you can do it. You are meant to do things. Don’t fear. If you don’t have fear you can do anything.” -Florence Meena

“Women’s Day is important because it creates a time and place for women to talk about their problems or issues they face and suggest solutions.” -Fadhili Isanga

“I think differently about women’s issues after being an AVC Volunteer. We have ideas. We want to do something or we want to introduce something, but we don’t have the confidence. We need someone to push us and encourage us and to realize that we are capable. I think that we, as women, can do something very big. With any successful man, there is a woman behind them. Women, we run the world. We have to have confidence. If we can support successful men, we must hold the key to success.” -Nuru Wilfred