Understanding Challenges to Find Solutions

Philemon Alexander recently left AVC in order to pursue an opportunity with the National Bureau of Statistics where he will be a Data Collector in the field. We are proud of Philemon and his accomplishments as an AVC Volunteer. Read his blog post about his experience volunteering below.

My name is Philemon Alexander. It’s my wish and dream to work with my community as a change agent. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Community Economic Development from Moshi University’s College of Cooperative and Business Studies. I was very happy to go to college to study development because I knew that with a degree, I could better serve the community and bring solutions to the challenges that hinder the development process.

AVC is a place for graduates to share their knowledge and skills with local NGOs and their peers. That’s why I became an AVC Volunteer. I am volunteering as a social worker at El-shaddai Christian Center, an organization that helps orphans and children who live in extreme poverty. The organization provides a safe, conducive environment for the children to go to school and offers social services such as health care and spiritual guidance. We try to make sure that the children are staying healthy and in school.


Philemon with his students at El-shaddai Christian Center

My main task is to maintain a positive relationship with the children and provide them with social services. I visit children in their homes, talking with them about challenges they are facing in their families or at school. I also advise them on how we can solve these challenges together. At the center, we learn, pray, eat, and play together.

At El-shaddai, I’m learning a lot about myself and my community. Personally, I am learning about how I can work with my community, especially children, and how to work with parents to ensure healthy the development and future success of their children.

Volunteering is a great opportunity to understand the community I work in. The outreach aspect of being a social worker enables me to explore the community and other people’s lifestyles. I am also learning how to be a good facilitator by conducting seminars and meetings with children and parents. We think about how the parents meet their family’s needs using the resources they have such as land, labor, and skills. By working in these programs, I am able to understand the community better and provide solutions to challenges in order to create changes. Understanding challenges is the best way to find solutions.

It’s my desire to work hard and share my knowledge with my fellow workers and volunteers. I want to impact the local community and I believe volunteerism is great opportunity to bring positive changes in Africa. I would like to thank AVC for giving me the opportunity to work with El-shaddai Student Center. Let us join the movement.