We are closing. Thank you for 5 great years.

We have had a lot of challenges this past year which has led us to the decision to close Africa Volunteer Corps. While this is an obvious loss in many people’s eyes, we look back at the past 5 years with pride in how much has been accomplished.

We would like to thank you so much for your support and what you helped us achieve. There are around 60 Volunteers who have passed through our doors, and those few people have helped thousands in Tanzania by helping local organizations do their work better. For example, the 2015 cohort of 15 Volunteers served 2000 people at their placement organizations. Even though we are closing, the ripple effects of what the Volunteers have accomplished in the community will continue. And we will never be able to measure the difference we made in terms of minds opened. I can’t tell you the number of times we told someone in Tanzania what we were doing and heard them say, “Of course! We can also do something! Why do we have to depend on foreigners? Tanzanians can also make a difference in their community.” That may be the greatest impact of all. As all of us at AVC transition into our next chapter, we would like to thank you so much for being a big part of what we accomplished.

While it is time to let the organization to go, we know that the spirit of what we are trying to do is still alive, and that with what we have all learned, there will be many ways that we will be able to take on these issues in the future.We want you to remember that AVC was never about me or Jafari, or any of the individual people involved. AVC was always about the mission and the idea, the idea that Tanzanians, local people in Africa, are the ones who know the best how to solve problems and create development in their own society and communities. Even though AVC needs to shut down, the idea does not. AVC was always about helping Tanzanians create positive change and help people, and you will be able to keep doing that without us. To all of you who were inspired by that vision, you can keep the spirit of AVC going.

Please note that after October 25th, Lift Up Africa will no longer accept donations for AVC. You will still receive a tax letter from LUA for any donations received before October 25th. Thank you so much for helping AVC help thousands of people. We made a big difference in Tanzania, and you helped make that happen.  You should be very proud of that accomplishment.

With deep gratitude,

Caitlin, Jafari, and the whole AVC team